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I’m taking a break from DDO, insofar that I’m not playing it several hours a day like a week or two ago. Right now I’m instead knee deep in another F2P game – War Thunder a game similar to World of Tanks, that is Post WW 1 to circa 1950s – 60s tank and air warfare.

Before I make a comparison between WoT and WT I want to point out several differences. First, WoT is more of an arcade shooter with some basic simulated stats. Tanks have HP, some basic characteristics but both movement, aiming and shooting is too fluid to be ‘real’. Yet it tries to ‘simulate’ the idea of tank combat with some penetrating critical hits, crew that can be wounded and armor that bounces but often just crumble.

WoT is also without air combat, there’s a World of Warplanes (WoWP) that deals with that aspect alone, but…

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