A Closer Look at the Quest Into the Deep

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Recently I took Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) through the quest, Into the Deep.  Into the Deep is the capstone quest for the Red Fens.  To access the quest, you have to complete the other three quests out in the Red Fens: The Last Stand, Fathom the Depths, and The Claw of Vulkoor.  The order in which you complete these three is open.

The quest Into the Deep is unique in a few aspects.  First off, it actually takes place at the bottom of the inlet that leads into the Red Fens on the seafloor.  So the quest actually occurs underwater.  Now there are plenty of quests where you have to swim through to get to one side or another, but this particular quest is entirely underwater.  Now, with that said there are three temples that you have to navigate to and once…

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