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Even Now


Back when I joined DDO as the ultimate noob, the very first toon I rolled up was an elven rogue – elven ’cause I liked the ears, rogue because I used to love them way, WAY back when I played a bit of PnP Dungeons & Dragons.

For various reasons, I rolled up Even a few days later and she quickly took over as my main, leaving my poor rogue to languish mostly unplayed for months. I went VIP and GRed Even to a 32-point build; I rolled up Acanthia and watched her take my playing time by storm. My rogue sat patiently at the bottom of my login screen with her 28-point “standard path” build (I THINK I followed the Thief Acrobat path, can’t even remember now, that’s how little I played her).

And then one day a friend of a friend of a guildie or something like that…

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