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pfSo, I finally decided to TR one of my characters (Einsof Malkuth).  Not that I have some sort of aversion to grinding some extra XP on my way back up, but it never really called to me like some other players.

I don’t have any GS items on this character (sad to say that I don’t have any at all…we’ll get to this in a future post, but shame on me) or raid items (see aforementioned parenthetical exclamation of shame), so it’s not like I’ll be god-like come mid-levels.  However, it was just another excuse to roll a new character with some added benefits, namely 2 build points and a Past Life feat.

After just a few days, Einsof is level 4 (banking 5), on an Elite streak of 17, and is having a blast so far.  The only hairy moment was when I was playing with my 6-year old daughter…

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