Month: January 2015

Resolutions 2015

Originally posted on Samius Gurobo:
Welcome back everyone. Good to be back after the new year and all the hoot’nanny that goes along with it. I want to start off by wishing everyone a good new year for the coming weeks and whatnots. Long time readers know that every year…

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Chains of lame

Originally posted on Even Now:
Even with all the amazing new gear the MotU update brings, the named Tower of Despair sets are still pretty darn cool. Acanthia’s got no less than THREE ToD rings (still waiting on Kyosho’s, though) along with assorted belts and necklaces. Even’s got two rings,…

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Producers Letter

Originally posted on grimordes blog:
Last night (UK time) DDO released the 2015 Producers Letter by Severlin. Normally I don’t blog about these. Geoff does a much better job of it and I’m sure he’ll have a post about this himself. But there was just one thing that made me…

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