On the eve of destruction

Even Now


Something really unusual happened last night. I was on Jall, typed in “/quest timer” and the result scrolled my chat window.

See, poor gimpy Drow cleric Jall doesn’t run a lot of raids, so she’s usually lucky if her timer says anything other than “none.” But I’ve had this “master plan” for a while that involves having toons approximately four levels apart from 4-16 and three at 20 so if a friend or guildie is looking for partymates, I’ll usually have SOMEBODY available while still keeping my raid/epic options open.

So now Winnie’s at lvl 4, Chalei (pronounced, per Slvr’s suggestion, “shall-EYE” – as in, “Shall I nuke all these trolls so we can get to the loot faster?) is lvl 8, Char’s at 12 and Dissy’s at 16 (with Meren just kind of floating around in there at lvl 6) while Acanthia, Even and Vic are capped… as was…

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