A Crowded Airship

Full Moon Fury

A mini-story from Tholgrin Stoneforge’s perspective.

Tholgrin stomped through the corridor of the airship, grumbling under his breath.  They had departed from the skydock not thirty minutes ago, and already he could feel his sanity slipping away from him.

Managing an organized guild of any size was a trying task;  trying to keep one in line as motley as Full Moon Fury was tantamount to herding wet tressym with bare hands.  Even as a paladin, a natural-born leader, he was grasping at his wit’s end.

As he approached the stateroom, which supported a fully-equipped bath house, a whimsical melody bounced and swereved its way into his ears:

It’s gettin’ hot in here,

So take off all your clothes

As compelling as the suggestion was, he ignored the request.  Loghainn Goldstrum, the guild’s only bard, was doing his best to keep things merry and lighthearted, and as usual, was going about…

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