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One of the great landscape features of the Sands of Menechtarun are the pyramids in the Valley of the False Tombs.  As adventurers we are naturally curious to see what mysteries, enemies, and treasure lie within them and and we eagerly explore the three great tombs in the back of the valley.  These being, of course, The Tomb of the Astrologer, The Tomb of the Physician, and The Tomb of Wizard-King.  While exploring these pyramids we learn quite a bit about King Raiyum and his loyal followers.  However, there are two tombs that we don’t get a chance to explore.

 photo Howaboutwhatisinsidethisone_zpsdada35ba.jpg
Erdrique wonders what he can in this massive tomb in the desert.

The first of these tombs is a large structure located close to wear Palumak the Scourer, the named sand mephit is located.  This structure is pretty interesting in that it always surrounded by a…

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