Second chances

Even Now


Poor, lame Dissy. You remember Dissy, right? My totally gimped bard, aka Discordette, aka, “Oh, that’s right, my other Thelanis toon?” Of course you don’t remember her. Until last night, I barely remembered her. She hadn’t completed a quest successfully since June 23, and that was Garrison’s Missing Pack – WAY under her level.

I was going to run Even and maybe Victaurya through Crystal Cove last night, only to sign on and find out it was down. Some of my Monty’s guildies were talking about doing a level 8-ish VoN flagging run. For some reason, my mind skipped right over lvl 9 Acanthia and went straight to lvl 7 Dissy.

“She’s pretty lame, though,” I warned my partymates. “Maybe it would be better if I brought Acanthia. She’s already flagged, but I love those quests and she won’t be a liability.”

No worries, they said, and told me to…

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