It’s hard to like tactical feats

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I do like them. I like tactics. The idea of using tactical feats to neutralize the threat of champions is a good one. I like it. And there’s something satisfying about tripping a spider or earth elemental and to stun something big and nasty with the edge of the shield.

But lets be honest here; it’s tedious. You’re talking about worrying about a lot more cooldowns, a lot more combinations than swinging a weapon until stuff obliterates. The comparison is pretty stark when I play my pure Bladeforged 2 handed fighting Pally or my 2 Pally 18 Fighter Vanguard fighter. One can actually trip and stun; and hit for upward to 500 or even slightly more on a good day.

The other can’t trip or stun at all but can can multiple critters into puddles with massive damaging hits. Like a smite hitting for more than 2k. Yes – the…

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