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I like clumsy headlines. Sure, clickbait maybe or just the weird way my brain works. (If I wanted clickbait I would add a list and a off the wall image – like 10 ways your B sword is sexy and then a image of a half naked barbarian chick holding a longsword…I know, ironic).

I don’t mind tactical feats. The last post was more about the tedious nature of tactical feats when pure DPS always seem to melt stuff away. Now I know tactical feats are a gods end at times when soloing. Because many times I’ll experience something much worse when soloing with pure DPS. Like the other night. My pure bladeforged pally do not have 1 single tactical feat to his name. Not one. First – Pally’s are feat starved. They’re also sorta enhancement point starved. Especially when ‘cleaves’ are now on a enhancement level as an alternative…

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