On Storage Methods

Full Moon Fury

When you have a score of toons, it can sometimes be tricky to keep all of that loot organized.  Lots of folks take care of this storage space issue through the use of bank toons or “mules.”  I don’t have any free slots for that luxury – so I’ve come up with my own system.  After all, shared bank space is at a pretty major premium, as is personal bank space!

And, except in rare occurrences, it works beautifully.  (Such as when I apparently deleted two pieces of the Abishai set under the assumption another toon had them.  He didn’t.  Oops.)

Obviously, my “mains” keep their own gear for when they TR, and tend not to share much of it.  After all, it’s theirs, and I’m OCD in that regard.  The biggest trick is that my alternate toons that double as storage each have their “thing,” which is very…

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