Mimicking Mimicry

Full Moon Fury

So the Mimic Hunt came! It also went, too.. with a silent little poof.

Seriously, I didn’t even know the event had ended until I’d logged in Monday and the little campaign objective popped up saying “Participate in the Mimic Hunt:  Completed.”  Um, wow.  That was somewhat unexpected.  So, here’s my thoughts on the “festival,” as it were, both good and bad.

Things I Liked:

I really dug that the event wasn’t an intrusion on my daily questing unless I wanted it to be;  I could continue to do my daily grind, questing as usual, and acquire motes from the randomly generated mimics.  That was nice.  I also had the option of doing what the hardcore farmers did, and spam the heck out of Irestone Inlet and The Stormreaver Fresco, should I choose to.  (I didn’t.)  But the bottom line remained being that I was getting free bonus stuff…

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