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When we lagged out of a hard FoT on Saturday, someone said it was like out of the 6th sense “I see dead people”. From my point of view it was more like out of a zombie movie, or the Walking Dead. What do you think?

Thazara in FoT 1

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The Smuggler’s Warehouse, A Staple in the Harbor

Erdrique's Blog

The wide variety of quests in the Stormreach Harbor makes questing in that area interesting and introduces new players to the various types of encounters and situations that they might run into later.  One of these quests, and a staple for me to run through with every character and/or heroic true reincarnation life, is The Smuggler’s Warehouse.  The Smuggler’s Warehouse is a level 2 quest on normal which makes it a level 4 quest on elite.  The quest giver is named Fitzpat the Fence.  Fitzpat is standing just outside of the entrance to the warehouse, not far way from the Wayward Lobster Tavern.  As you talk to Fitzpat, he tells you that the warehouse has been abandoned for over a year and that it used to be own by House Jorasco.  It also turns out that it used to be a smuggler’s hideout as well, where some smuggler’s would…

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Time to hotfix the patch

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I do laugh, but really. This one turned out to be ‘interesting’. Some ladders gone, particularly things you ‘turn on’ by dials and such. But also an entire platform in Von 6.

Some stuff required work around (Von 5) and others high jump score (Snitch). But luckily I was doing ladder free stuff all of yesterday.

Also, we now know what ‘Elemental Victory’ is. A all absorb helmet. For all 4 elements. The heroic version adds 10 percent in all elements and I assume the Epic will be 20 (because 30 would be too much I guess) with a possible augment slot. Maybe.

Yeah, it helps. If it adds up with other absorb items (say a ring with 33% lightning absorb). Altho, to be honest. The PRR debuff and high DR and fort of red names in ToEE is a bigger concern than say elemental damage (earth ellies hit for…

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Micki's Delirium

Since my friend Andy claims he couldn’t find my dice pictures on twitter, I might as well post them here. 🙂 See, I’m not a D&D player. The only dice I’ve ever owned are those that came with certain board games, or Yahtzee. So, I decided that I wanted D&D dice, for no other reason than to have them. 🙂 And I wanted pretty dice. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping at DiceShop (i.e. browsing the web page), and here’s the result. 2 x 7 piece set, and 1 translucent purple, just because I thought it was pretty, lol. And a little black bag to store the dice in.

Micki's dice

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What a Reward from Catacombs!!

Erdrique's Blog

Over the weekend, I took Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) through the rest of the Catacombs story arc.  Crawlller is on my premium account and as a result can only open the quests on normal so I’ll have to run it two more times to get the maximum amount of favor out of the quest.  So, as I completed my first run through the chain, I went to go and collect by reward and was offered this:

 photo Guild Amenity_zps7n6gsc6y.jpg
Crawlller receiving a guild amenity as a story arc reward for Catacombs. 

It was pretty cool to see a guildship amenity drop as a potential award.  I was offered the “Danger Room.”  I gladly accepted it as we still needed it and it is actually our first astral shard based amenity.   Now this gives me another incentive for running the chain once again on hard and on elite :).

Thanks for reading everybody and…

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Complexity is a weird thing

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I used to think that my FvS was complicated in the sense that I needed the wherewithal to use all those scrolls, mass heals etc to be functional. And you do. Being able to switch between different heal options (1 for heal, 2 for heal mass, 3 for free cure light, 4 for heal scroll etc) makes a huge different. And the difference between having to raise someone or simply keep them standing up. Then there’s making sure I have the torc on, my all immunity helmet, the right metas for the job, buffs etc.

It’s a cockpit checklist where forgetting one thing means the difference between taking a bunch of damage I didn’t have to (even negative levels) or not.

Then once in a while making sure I have all the mats for my spells. I ran with a Wizard once (epic) who forgot to get spell components for…

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Zen Master: The Untouchable Archer

The Order of Syncletica

Pynthetica-Zen12-4The delicate balance, as I explained to the Teacher before her sabbatical, in the use of the longbow through ki, required me to shed my thuggish notions of strength I once learned as a Ranger.

The balance comes not from the release of the arrow, I explained, but in releasing myself from the material plane while guiding the arrow to its target. Thus, zen, or complete focus of mind and body, enables a flow of power from grace, not strength, which also moves the body away from danger in concert with the hand guiding the arrow to its destination.

Should an enemy arrow, or many attacks for that matter, seek out my body, my disciplines train my body to ignore that arrow and to let it pass by. I don’t use monastic principles so much as to repel the arrow but to push myself into another plane of existence where the attack cannot reach…

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A Walk Through Archer Point Defense

Erdrique's Blog

The one thing your character learns as they progress through their adventuring career in Stormreach is that the city is constantly under siege by one monster force or another.  Sometimes is from kobolds (Kobold Assault), sometimes its from more potent enemies such as hobgoblins, bugbears, and ogres (Gladewatch Outpost) and sometimes if from the forces of a monster nation (Attack on Stormreach).  Another instance of this type of situation also exists with the quest Archer Point Defense.

Archer Point is the Fortress for Jasper’s Raiders.  Jasper’s Raiders are a mercenary group who are hired out by merchants to provide protection for their traveling caravans and to ward off enemy monster invaders.  The group’s leader and quest giver Jasper Cruikshank agreed to a lucrative contract with the coin lords that required him to send all of his troops to do the job.  This has…

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A Challenging Type Weekend, Questing April 24th to April 26th

Erdrique's Blog

This past weekend was primarily dominated with runs through some of the Cannith Challenge quests as I keep working to upgrade Erdrique’s Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hands.  However, to begin the weekend I took my first iconic character, Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged) out into the Sands of Menechtarun to enjoy the beautiful moonlight and to do some slaying :).  That afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 7 Rogue) and took him through the Depths of Discord.  Later on that night, I logged back on with Erdrique and I was joined by Hellbanisher and we headed our way over to the Marketplace and completed Archer Point Defense on elite and then we made our way to House Phiarlan to tackle the Carnival Series.  We completed Partycrashers, The Snitch, and Under the Big Top, all on elite, before Hellbanisher called it a night. …

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EEraids 11

Micki's Delirium

Here we go with the weekly EEraids post. This week I again waited a good long while before ppl started joining, but in the end I had a full party. Things were going pretty well and we were progressing nicely. We did not have to restart because of lag, and I didn’t have ppl dying left and right. I assigned two ppl to take care of the battleragers, three ppl on death lords and Erofen went and picked up one guy who got stuck at the jumps (and failed to say he did not know how to do them before we had passed that point). I also told Sylvette to stay on dragon side to heal the tank and trash killers. Who ever was left was to come to shadow side.

We got lucky on the phylactery and found it on third or forth try, I forget now. The raid…

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