Temple of Elemental Evil (part 1)

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’ve spent many hours playing it – both on Lam and live. Most of the times I get 2 hours deep and give up (time constraint) and on Lam I tried not to spoil to much by at least get some early romps in, try out the basic mechanics – get a feel for the quest and what it did. Again – I didn’t go in to solve the entire quest and get to the end.

My desire was strictly to get an early look and provide feedback (if needed) on bugs and overall balance.

My first play through – a 4 hour session that had me do almost the entire first part (every nook and cranny), a good portion of the second part with the Air and Water nodes (I have since done all 4 on a different character). Plus of course the end fight.

So if you don’t…

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