Cerge life 6 – build draft

Micki's Delirium

Cerge is my long term completionist project. What it means is that my goal is to one day have one past life of each class on him… may it take how ever long. My idea was to do past lives in ED sphere order, as well as always take the build to cap, which I have done. On the way I also decided to do a few epic past lives while I’m at it. I started in the arcane sphere with sorcerer, wizard and bard… then moved on to divine sphere and did favored soul and cleric… which takes us to the last divine life, paladin.

Now, Darth hates paladins, and except for a short while right after the paladin changes an update or so ago, paladins have not been top dps. My experience with the average paladin has been that they have lots of hp, ok dps, but crappy…

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