Listmania!: Favorite Quests

Full Moon Fury


Everyone has their favorite quests in DDO.  Some of them are pretty universally renowned, either for loot, XP, the experience, or some combination of all three.  Then there are the somewhat less-obvious quests that we all have some love for, in one way or another.

Here’s a few of my absolute favorite “less obvious” quests, in no particular order.

Fear Factory

The third quest in the Harbinger of Madness quest arc, Fear Factory has you entering a curio shop in the south end of the Harbor to track down the source of the disturbing (and disgusting) Taken that have begun cropping up over the city.  I fell in love with this quest within seconds of my very first playthrough, as the quest is filled with totally twisted screams of brainwashed deranged followers of Morley Blode.  These aren’t your normal human-enemy death rattles, these are full-on Wilhelm Screams in varying degrees…

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