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Some fights are easy, some are hard. But the key to all are the mechanics. Take Sins in Shavarath. Gobs of mobs to slay but the end fight my be short and simple (dependent on choice of course). In others like invasion (Shavarath again) the trip there is long, random but not ‘too hard’ but the end fight can be grueling if you don’t have a divine that can drop blade barrier and run in circle while healing and remove curses. 2 quests out of the same area with entirely different difficulties in the end battles.

Some end battles are no more than ‘beat the bag of HP’ and others are contingent on constant maneuvering. Example – MoD – constant maneuvering while going in, beat some HP, then move out when the mark of death lands on the boss. It’s chaotic and messy.

Shroud end fight; surround the boss, beat a…

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