Listmania!: Not-So Favorite Quests

Full Moon Fury


Previously, I’ve written about some of my most favorite quests in DDO.  Now, it’s time to take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum.. with the “not-so favorite” quests.  Okay, I’m lying;  these aren’t the quests I just simply “dislike, but will grudgingly run and complain about it;”  these are the quests I freely and openly advocate loathing for.

The Pit

Dear The Pit,

I hate you.

Sincerely, Me

There are so many reasons why I can’t stand to run this quest.  The metric pant-load of XP can’t even entice me to go deal with it.  Where should I begin, with the convoluted three-dimensional map that the developers themselves get lost in?  With the “guidebook” that “explains” what you have to do in order, that serves little more than to eat up gobs of time and confuse the heck out of you?  With the jump-rooms where one mis-step…

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