EEraids 11

Micki's Delirium

Here we go with the weekly EEraids post. This week I again waited a good long while before ppl started joining, but in the end I had a full party. Things were going pretty well and we were progressing nicely. We did not have to restart because of lag, and I didn’t have ppl dying left and right. I assigned two ppl to take care of the battleragers, three ppl on death lords and Erofen went and picked up one guy who got stuck at the jumps (and failed to say he did not know how to do them before we had passed that point). I also told Sylvette to stay on dragon side to heal the tank and trash killers. Who ever was left was to come to shadow side.

We got lucky on the phylactery and found it on third or forth try, I forget now. The raid…

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