A Walk Through Archer Point Defense

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The one thing your character learns as they progress through their adventuring career in Stormreach is that the city is constantly under siege by one monster force or another.  Sometimes is from kobolds (Kobold Assault), sometimes its from more potent enemies such as hobgoblins, bugbears, and ogres (Gladewatch Outpost) and sometimes if from the forces of a monster nation (Attack on Stormreach).  Another instance of this type of situation also exists with the quest Archer Point Defense.

Archer Point is the Fortress for Jasper’s Raiders.  Jasper’s Raiders are a mercenary group who are hired out by merchants to provide protection for their traveling caravans and to ward off enemy monster invaders.  The group’s leader and quest giver Jasper Cruikshank agreed to a lucrative contract with the coin lords that required him to send all of his troops to do the job.  This has…

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