Complexity is a weird thing

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I used to think that my FvS was complicated in the sense that I needed the wherewithal to use all those scrolls, mass heals etc to be functional. And you do. Being able to switch between different heal options (1 for heal, 2 for heal mass, 3 for free cure light, 4 for heal scroll etc) makes a huge different. And the difference between having to raise someone or simply keep them standing up. Then there’s making sure I have the torc on, my all immunity helmet, the right metas for the job, buffs etc.

It’s a cockpit checklist where forgetting one thing means the difference between taking a bunch of damage I didn’t have to (even negative levels) or not.

Then once in a while making sure I have all the mats for my spells. I ran with a Wizard once (epic) who forgot to get spell components for…

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