The Smuggler’s Warehouse, A Staple in the Harbor

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The wide variety of quests in the Stormreach Harbor makes questing in that area interesting and introduces new players to the various types of encounters and situations that they might run into later.  One of these quests, and a staple for me to run through with every character and/or heroic true reincarnation life, is The Smuggler’s Warehouse.  The Smuggler’s Warehouse is a level 2 quest on normal which makes it a level 4 quest on elite.  The quest giver is named Fitzpat the Fence.  Fitzpat is standing just outside of the entrance to the warehouse, not far way from the Wayward Lobster Tavern.  As you talk to Fitzpat, he tells you that the warehouse has been abandoned for over a year and that it used to be own by House Jorasco.  It also turns out that it used to be a smuggler’s hideout as well, where some smuggler’s would…

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