Thazara update, gear and ee questing

Micki's Delirium

It’s been a good while since I listed Thazara’s gear setup. It hasn’t changed a huge deal, I guess? Here’s the list:

Head: ee Helm of the Blue Dragon with +3 insightful charisma, augments: deahtblock, +20 vitality
Neck: +9 wisdom, +8 resistance
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (+ 50 sp)
Cloak: Min II GS cloak (+45 hp, heavy fort, 2x stoneskin)
Belt:Belt of the Sun Soul
Right ring (switchable):Epic Normal Ring of the Djinn/ feather falling/ underwater action
Gloves:Purple Dragon Knight Gauntlets
Boots:Halcyon Boots, augments: +8 charisma, +250sp
Left ring (always on): ee Ring of Shadows, augment: +2 evocation
Bracers: ee Manacles of Ceaseless Toil, augment: Globe of True Imperial Blood
Armor:Flawless Blue Dragonscale Robe, augment: false life +35
Goggles: Concordant Opposition GS goggles (+150 sp, blindness immunity)
Off hand: ee evo Nether Orb, augment: +132 Devotion
Main hand:Balizarde

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Love and Hate Relationship with the Guild Website

Erdrique's Blog

One of things I have learned over the past few years is how nice having a guild website is but also how frustrating it can be as well.  That is why I have titled this blog post the way I have.  During this past week, our guild website was down and it was down for a sufficient length of time that I began to wonder if the servers were no longer running.  Our guild website host is GuildPortal.  I created the site back in 2009 I believe.  Prior to that our guild was using just a generic forum page as our website, which wound up getting shut down.  So I was quite excited to create a new website on GuildPortal.  At the time, one of our alliance guilds was using GuildPortal as their website host and I took a look at it and was quite impressed.  I was also glad…

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Light Questing Over Memorial Day Week, Quest Runs May 25 to May 28

Erdrique's Blog

I had some fun questing experiences over this part holiday week.  This past Monday was the Memorial Day holiday in the US, which was a nicely anticipated weekend for myself at least.  I needed the quick break from work :).  During this past week, I hit some quests with some epic level characters, some low level quests, and a few mid level runs.  To kick off the holiday week, I ran out into the King’s Forest with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Divine Crusader) and took him through the quest Impossible Demands on epic hard.  While I was taking Wapoyei through Impossible Demands, I was also playing during our digital PNP game, which of course led me to get killed once or twice in Impossible Demands.  After I completed the quest I picked up Unquiet Graves and made me way through the King’s Forest to locate the quest.  This was also the

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Maidae update: life 4

Micki's Delirium

It’s been 10 days since I TR’d Maidae. What have I done? Not much at all. I ran for the 150 coin lords favor, and yesterday I ran some for house K favor. I did not quite reach the 150 required to get the last bank tab, but I should get there when I run the VON raid, I believe. Next time I play her I’ll start running for xp and hopefully slowly get her to 20. Maidae is currently 1 paladin/ 6 monk/ 8 fighter bladeforged, a Cetus inspired build. I’m mostly using the default bladeforged gear for now, since some of it seemed better than what I had, and since Maidae has never been a bf before, she doesn’t own a single docent. I practiced my zerging skills last night while running VONs, by running past as much as I could, and only fighting when I had to…

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Girl power!

Even Now

It’s kind of weird how my Thelanis toons have shuffled themselves around. Victaurya was my first toon, followed fairly closely by Even. Then came Discordette, and finally Jall, who was originally only supposed to be there so my now-ex-boyfriend and I could play incognito sometimes.

Somehow Even ended up as my main toon. Jall and Vic ran neck-and-neck for a while, but over the past couple of months Jall’s just taken off, getting herself up to level 16 while Vic is back at level 11 (and getting outdistanced by some of her recent PUG mates). Poor Dissy (she needs a better nickname, but then again, I shouldn’t have given her such a lame name to begin with) is way back at level 7 and hasn’t run anything in a while because she’s not very solo-able.

Jall’s surge is due in large part to this incredible need I felt to see…

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New beginnings and old fun

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

My first foray into ‘MotU’ wasn’t all that special. I mean I LOVED it but I didn’t go through the demonweb right away to run a bazillion FR quests. In fact I went basic; tried out a few eclaw on normal and didn’t even pug. I just wanted to run a few things before ‘going to the other side’ and start the whole questing and flagging.

It’s not like I have too; the raid is not up and I just capped my sorc. I did do what I wanted to do tho – I started with the draconic in order to get myself to the top and then restart with magister. Simple plan – get what I want out of it and move onto the next. I’m already 1 bubble away from level 1 in the destiny and picked charisma and acid energy sheat. It’s a useful type item that…

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Well, what do you know

Micki's Delirium

As you may know I epic reincarnated Maidae on Sunday. As always I checked my sagas first, eTR’d, collected my sagas and jumped to level 23 before doing my enhancements and gear. Then I switched toon to run Tower of Elemental Evil epic elite on Thaz. On Monday I ran Cerge and on Tuesday Jarvanna.. Wednesday I was going to run EE Web of Chaos on Maidae, but just after logging Stitchz sent me a party invite. I hesitated, but decided to see what he wanted. “Come ToEE”, says Stitchz. “I’m just eTR’d, I feel squishy, but ok.”, says I, then run to the quest.

I was the first in the group, but slowly we filled. I was highly surprised at Maidae’s performance. As I had eTR’d the primal sphere this time, I was running in Fury. I was hitting adrenaline somewhat often, and using my boosts and displacement.. and…

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The tools of the trade

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

My sorc have a simple way of turning critters to puddles of acid goo or frozen popsicles. 2 Scepters and some other stuff. It boils down to 21% crit for both, max amount of spell power and a 250+ spell power on acid. Simply put calculated murder. My fighter have something like 16% chance for doublestrike with a Epic Antique greataxe with +7 quality slotted in a red augment slot. My Monk have yet to find wraps that are definate killers and he doesn’t even own the Mabar ones – here’s me looking to update that. The Relic ones should improve and I’m trying to put together those Epic Charged gauntlets for additional DPS. My Ranger, yet to be destified (Did I just create a new dorky word for the process of unlocking destinies for main and twists?) but he’s well off with GS weapons and such. True – without…

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What a Coincidence!!

Erdrique's Blog

One of the things I like to try to stay on top of are the weekly DDO Store sales and coupons of the week.  If I remember correctly, last week’s coupon was for Omnispell dust * 50.  Well, while running with Erdrique (Level 10 Rogue) through the quest Redwillow’s Ruins this past weekend I came across something interesting.  In one of the chests I came across I found 1,000 Omnispell dust components!!

 photo Nice reward_zpstawhbelx.jpg

Erdrique collecting his loot in a chest from Redwillow’s Ruins and finding something unusual.

Now I didn’t use the coupon code this past week and by the time I came across this chest in Redwillow’s Ruins the Omnispell dust code had expired and the new code was active.  I wonder if this is a sign that maybe I should have used that code :).  But then again, I wonder if I had used the code if these would…

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Working on Gathering Those Challenge Ingredients

Erdrique's Blog

Over the past few weekends, I have been taking some time with Erdrique (Level 10 Rogue) to go through the various Cannith Challenges.  I recently hit level 10 with Erdrique and what I would like to do is to obtain enough of the Cannith Crafting ingredients need to upgrade Ring of the Stalker and the belt Spare Hand up to tier 3 level 11 version so that everything will be good to go when Erdrique hits level 11.  When looking at what is needed for upgrading Ring of the Stalker, I will need 1,000 Jaded Scorpions, 200 Necromantic Charms, 200 Crude Talismans, 800 Arcanoloth Scrolls, and 800 Jeweled Goblets.  For the Spare Hand, I need 200 Jaded Scorpions, 200 Obsidian Arrowheads, 1,000 Enchanted Armor Fragments, 800 Arcanoloth Scrolls, and 800 Jeweled Goblets.  In total, I will need 1,200 Jaded Scorpions, 200 Necromantic Charms, 200 Crude Talismans, 1,600 Arcanoloth Scrolls, 1,600…

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