DDO Balancing Act

The Long Shot

A look at the balance between multiclass and pure builds with a poll at the end!

DDO’s recent Update 25: Reign of Elemental Evil included not only a brand-new classic adventure in the form of Temple of Elemental Evil, but also an enhancement pass for the rogue class that reworked all three trees of the D&D staple class.


Of course, this has resulted in some divisive discussions on the forums, with one thread in particular quickly racking up pages through a debate on the merits of backloading some powerful abilities. Specifically, some folks have taken issue with a trend in several updates that amps up the power of level 18 and 20 core abilities. The contention is that this trend is killing multiclass builds, and therefore one of DDO’s most touted aspects – the complex character building options – by providing greater incentive to remain “pure” (not multiclassing, or…

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