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My sorc have a simple way of turning critters to puddles of acid goo or frozen popsicles. 2 Scepters and some other stuff. It boils down to 21% crit for both, max amount of spell power and a 250+ spell power on acid. Simply put calculated murder. My fighter have something like 16% chance for doublestrike with a Epic Antique greataxe with +7 quality slotted in a red augment slot. My Monk have yet to find wraps that are definate killers and he doesn’t even own the Mabar ones – here’s me looking to update that. The Relic ones should improve and I’m trying to put together those Epic Charged gauntlets for additional DPS. My Ranger, yet to be destified (Did I just create a new dorky word for the process of unlocking destinies for main and twists?) but he’s well off with GS weapons and such. True – without…

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