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Even Now

It’s kind of weird how my Thelanis toons have shuffled themselves around. Victaurya was my first toon, followed fairly closely by Even. Then came Discordette, and finally Jall, who was originally only supposed to be there so my now-ex-boyfriend and I could play incognito sometimes.

Somehow Even ended up as my main toon. Jall and Vic ran neck-and-neck for a while, but over the past couple of months Jall’s just taken off, getting herself up to level 16 while Vic is back at level 11 (and getting outdistanced by some of her recent PUG mates). Poor Dissy (she needs a better nickname, but then again, I shouldn’t have given her such a lame name to begin with) is way back at level 7 and hasn’t run anything in a while because she’s not very solo-able.

Jall’s surge is due in large part to this incredible need I felt to see…

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