New beginnings and old fun

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

My first foray into ‘MotU’ wasn’t all that special. I mean I LOVED it but I didn’t go through the demonweb right away to run a bazillion FR quests. In fact I went basic; tried out a few eclaw on normal and didn’t even pug. I just wanted to run a few things before ‘going to the other side’ and start the whole questing and flagging.

It’s not like I have too; the raid is not up and I just capped my sorc. I did do what I wanted to do tho – I started with the draconic in order to get myself to the top and then restart with magister. Simple plan – get what I want out of it and move onto the next. I’m already 1 bubble away from level 1 in the destiny and picked charisma and acid energy sheat. It’s a useful type item that…

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