Light Questing Over Memorial Day Week, Quest Runs May 25 to May 28

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I had some fun questing experiences over this part holiday week.  This past Monday was the Memorial Day holiday in the US, which was a nicely anticipated weekend for myself at least.  I needed the quick break from work :).  During this past week, I hit some quests with some epic level characters, some low level quests, and a few mid level runs.  To kick off the holiday week, I ran out into the King’s Forest with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Divine Crusader) and took him through the quest Impossible Demands on epic hard.  While I was taking Wapoyei through Impossible Demands, I was also playing during our digital PNP game, which of course led me to get killed once or twice in Impossible Demands.  After I completed the quest I picked up Unquiet Graves and made me way through the King’s Forest to locate the quest.  This was also the

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