Thazara update, gear and ee questing

Micki's Delirium

It’s been a good while since I listed Thazara’s gear setup. It hasn’t changed a huge deal, I guess? Here’s the list:

Head: ee Helm of the Blue Dragon with +3 insightful charisma, augments: deahtblock, +20 vitality
Neck: +9 wisdom, +8 resistance
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (+ 50 sp)
Cloak: Min II GS cloak (+45 hp, heavy fort, 2x stoneskin)
Belt:Belt of the Sun Soul
Right ring (switchable):Epic Normal Ring of the Djinn/ feather falling/ underwater action
Gloves:Purple Dragon Knight Gauntlets
Boots:Halcyon Boots, augments: +8 charisma, +250sp
Left ring (always on): ee Ring of Shadows, augment: +2 evocation
Bracers: ee Manacles of Ceaseless Toil, augment: Globe of True Imperial Blood
Armor:Flawless Blue Dragonscale Robe, augment: false life +35
Goggles: Concordant Opposition GS goggles (+150 sp, blindness immunity)
Off hand: ee evo Nether Orb, augment: +132 Devotion
Main hand:Balizarde

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