EEraids 19

Micki's Delirium

And then it was the 19th time I posted for EEraids. It was slow going at first, I expected to have to wait an hour again or so.. but suddenly ppl started hitting the lfm and I had a full group before we entered. Two of the joiners told me it was their first time… and even though I don’t like taking first timers into EE, I also don’t like waiting an hour or more for a full group, so a couple of first timers is ok. I explained the basics to them, “help with mirrors if you know them but don’t turn the beam until the puzzle is done and call beam before you do.”, “run away from your stone if you die”, and “try to keep up, we will be running fast”. We got the jump room and one of the newbies needed a carry, and the guy…

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I’m already thinking about a different Warlock build

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I have a toon that I like to experiment with (for melee) and another that I used to for casters. Now my hybrid caster is a pure Warlock and my melee guy is a vanguard rager.

I like vanguard, but vanguard on it’s own is a truly nice and ‘medium’ enhancement tree. Back when I was a pally/fighter split I put more into Vanguard for those nice double procs. Now when I play more on the barbarian side I get less of the double procs and more of the self healing ticks. Yet DPS wise it’s fairly similar.

The idea I have is to make it a 6 Fighter, 14 Warlock, Vanguard Enlighten Spirit. For ticks and bursts, running the Fiend pact (so added fire damage and the fiend related spells). That would mean 7d4 worth of pact damage and 7d6 worth of Eldricht Blast. It also means 4 Fighter…

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Short Weekend, Quest Runs June 19th to June 21st

Erdrique's Blog

Looking back at my quest runs from the weekend before last (because I’m still working on catching back up), I worked on completing some of the more intriguing quests in DDO, at least to me.  I kicked the weekend off by taking one of my lower level characters, Berann (Level 8 Barbarian), through the Tangleroot Gorge landscape.  After collecting some slayer for about 20 minutes, I logged out and didn’t log back into DDO until later that night when I was ready to bring on Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue).  Erdrique was still working on collecting his elite runs on the level 8 quests.  Working on that theme, I noticed that Erdrique needed to run Spies in the House.  So I headed over to House Deneith and wondered how difficult this quest would be for me this time.  I say this because I always seem to have issues with the…

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A Quick Look at Taming the Flames

Erdrique's Blog

The other day, I took Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue, who was actually 11 at the time) through one of the more dreaded quests at lower levels, Taming the Flames.  Taming the Flames is especially brutal at level on elite with those characters who don’t have evasion, although I’m sure the change with Magical Resistance Rating has made this quest much more bearable to those heavy armor users.  The quest giver, Master Thorpe, is located in Ever Full Flagon in House Kundarak.  When you stumble past Master Thorpe, you overhear him lamenting on what he thinks is the loss of another, Master Fulvio.  Master Thorpe tells you that Master Fulvio has left to investigate a mystical cavern beneath Stormreach.  However, in his haste, Master Fulvio didn’t make all of the appropriate preparations and seemed to have forgotten to take with him a powerful scroll of planar binding to keep the…

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I told you so, but it doesn’t make me feel better

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I finally hit 27 and decided to do among others Macabre and ToEE. Here is where the lack of a Warlock centric Destiny starts rearing it’s ugly head. it’s not that Draconic is bad or Shiradi don’t work. They do – but just as with artificer, the problem is less ‘working’ and more ‘does little to main attack’.

First and foremost – the only thing boosted from draconic is the pact damage – if you’re Fiend or old ones (acid or fire). Fey is completely unboosted. There’s the burst, vortex and breath, but that’s true for any other class playing it.

Shiradi procs on the pew pew. This is a little bit more effective on chain as it gives it 3 chances to proc at 7%. This actually turns out to be as far as I can see the ‘best’ destiny for the main attack, but it still remains fairly…

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Re-imagining DDO

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I love kings forest – it’s my favorite wilderness and when DDO became fantasy for me. I started playing when DDO launched as F2P and less then a week later I became (and remain) a VIP.

I stumbled through Macabre, marveled over the Vale and even with eyes wide followed 3 people out into the battlefield. Those were the days.

I since run slayer and rare like crazy – always working to be able to do it on my own and eventually without hirelings (before Epic levels when things were more of a challenge). But as nice and big as the Vale was and as gloomy and frightening as the Macabre is – they never made me feel like I played a true high fantasy game.

I don’t blame anything in particular, but I think it was the cyberpunk themed Music – the atmosphere that sounded more like pots and pans and old…

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Taking Advantage of the Crafting Experience

Erdrique's Blog

Last weekend, the DDO Bonus days was for 30% Cannith Crafting experience.  Now I don’t hammer out Cannith Crafting Shards all the time, instead I tend to work on crafting shards and raising my crafting levels in spurts, particularly whenever I notice that a lot of folks just don’t happen to be on during the weekend.  However, I also like to take advantage of small boosts such as what was happening last week.  So, off to the Cannith Crafting halls I went :).

 photo Crafting some shards_zpsg82yhk2l.jpg

Erdrique visiting the crafting halls to crank out some shard and work on raising some crafting levels.

I already mentioned in a previous blog post how useful I have found Cannith Crafting but one thing I think that will make it that much more useful will be when I can start crafting the “flexible” shards.  Erdrique’s crafting levels were in the mid-90s to high 80s in…

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Working on Catching back Up, Quest Runs June 15th to June18th

Erdrique's Blog

Well, there is another better in the world than following behind…yeah right.  For some reason, this year I have been having a problem in keeping with staying on track when it comes to my blogging :(.  Much of this just has to do with changes and my crazy work schedule this year.  In any case, I want to try to catch back up as I haven’t put up a blog since Saturday, June 20.  So, to being to catch back up, I realized I didn’t review my quest runs from the week of June 15th.  To kick off that week, I took a character from my premium account, Containment (Level 6 Cleric) and took him out into the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area.  Containment still has a little ways to go in that area but is steadily progressing through it.  Keeping up with that theme, I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter)…

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