Proud owner after trades, fights and plat exchanges

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I slew dragons, traded using items, other scales and even tons of plat. One light Epic dragon armor later and my ranger is definately getting there.

A lil’ pointy. Not the coolest dragon armor in the world (the helmet is even worse). I’d hope they make the epic versions even more ‘epic’ but it’ll have to do. I’m sure they’ll see some ka-thich opportunities in the future with selling kits. And provided it makes the dragon armor look EPIC I’m more then will to open up my wallet. The helmet? The black looks better then blue and white for sure. But all 3 needs an overhaul. The red from VON looks good together with the red armor. The blue black and white are kind of plain. I wish they could make them more – something and not so cartoonish.

As it stands I’ve managed to put together a good assortment…

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