Taking the Temple and Challenges, Weekend Runs June 5th to June 7th

Erdrique's Blog

As the next weekend quickly approaches (thankfully, it has been a long week for me!!), I wanted to take some time to review what I worked on last weekend in DDO.  To kick things off, on Friday morning I took Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) through a slayer run in the wilds of Tangleroot Gorge as I continue to work on gathering his slayers out there.  That afternoon, I kept up with the slayer run theme and took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) back into the Red Fens as he continued to creep up to that 3,000 slayer mark.  The most exciting part of the night was our run through the Temple of Elemental Evil Part II.  On Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 10 Rogue) and was joined by Hellbanisher and Twotoe as we entered into the next portion of the Temple.  Needless to say, that the Temple…

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