Epic XP Weekend!

Confessions of a Geek Mom

Yay for Extra epic xp weekends!!!!!

We all logged our lower level Epic characters last night for some down and dirty XP quests! I need to get Taea to level 27 before I consider TRing her older sister, Teodra. Taea is a second life cleric at level 23 and Teodra is a first life at 28. Teodra has been my main for quite a few years now. She was my first Halfling Commando. But, I would like to see how good she can be with another life or so under her belt. Hence, my xp run with Taea.

First, we hit up Mr Two-Toed Tobias in Three Barrel Cove. What a mad dash!!! One of our guildies is a bit slower than the rest of us so he got a bit frustrated. But the XP was divine! I had purchased an xp pot to burn. (Yes dear, that was the…

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