My Kind of Arcane

Full Moon Fury

ScreenShot00875 Try to set my hands on FIRE!! Gotta set the hands on FIRE!!!

So this Sunday, I gave in to the temptation.

While I should have been working on the numerous goals on my agenda – and I still am – there had been a thought, on a number of occasions, to TR Varjek Lorebringer, my dwarf Pale Master necromancer.  Mostly because I wasn’t satisfied with his life as a caster.. big surprise, coming from myself.  However, every time the notion came up, I kept pushing it aside, since he was an “arcane” character and I made lousy arcanes.

But the fact he was sitting there stuck at 20, with no real plans to go anywhere, was bothering me.

Enter the Warlock class.

Socks and I had recently partaken in a “slum night,” whereby we hop to another server (where we both have plenty of character slots) and roll up…

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