I told you so, but it doesn’t make me feel better

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I finally hit 27 and decided to do among others Macabre and ToEE. Here is where the lack of a Warlock centric Destiny starts rearing it’s ugly head. it’s not that Draconic is bad or Shiradi don’t work. They do – but just as with artificer, the problem is less ‘working’ and more ‘does little to main attack’.

First and foremost – the only thing boosted from draconic is the pact damage – if you’re Fiend or old ones (acid or fire). Fey is completely unboosted. There’s the burst, vortex and breath, but that’s true for any other class playing it.

Shiradi procs on the pew pew. This is a little bit more effective on chain as it gives it 3 chances to proc at 7%. This actually turns out to be as far as I can see the ‘best’ destiny for the main attack, but it still remains fairly…

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