EEraids 19

Micki's Delirium

And then it was the 19th time I posted for EEraids. It was slow going at first, I expected to have to wait an hour again or so.. but suddenly ppl started hitting the lfm and I had a full group before we entered. Two of the joiners told me it was their first time… and even though I don’t like taking first timers into EE, I also don’t like waiting an hour or more for a full group, so a couple of first timers is ok. I explained the basics to them, “help with mirrors if you know them but don’t turn the beam until the puzzle is done and call beam before you do.”, “run away from your stone if you die”, and “try to keep up, we will be running fast”. We got the jump room and one of the newbies needed a carry, and the guy…

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