I’m already thinking about a different Warlock build

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I have a toon that I like to experiment with (for melee) and another that I used to for casters. Now my hybrid caster is a pure Warlock and my melee guy is a vanguard rager.

I like vanguard, but vanguard on it’s own is a truly nice and ‘medium’ enhancement tree. Back when I was a pally/fighter split I put more into Vanguard for those nice double procs. Now when I play more on the barbarian side I get less of the double procs and more of the self healing ticks. Yet DPS wise it’s fairly similar.

The idea I have is to make it a 6 Fighter, 14 Warlock, Vanguard Enlighten Spirit. For ticks and bursts, running the Fiend pact (so added fire damage and the fiend related spells). That would mean 7d4 worth of pact damage and 7d6 worth of Eldricht Blast. It also means 4 Fighter…

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