A cleric’s thoughts on the proposed death xp changes

Confessions of a Geek Mom

I read the proposed changes last week and immediately thought of how they would effect me and playing my cleric.  I cannot read the forums at work and after volunteer moderating a birth board on Babycenter while pregnant in 2003,  I am gunshy about posting.  Think DDO forums can get nasty, imagine of bunch of pregnant women……they will put any geek to shame.

But I heard some of the concerns that other players had while listening to the DDO podcast.   Seems some folks were worried about clerics griefing by not healing other players.  I can see that as a valid concern, but would like to open it up to a different view.  That of the cleric.

I mostly play clerics.  I have at least 6 clerics at various levels.  Two are epic levels.  I have started to branch out by getting a fighter to level 10 and I have a…

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