On Connecting with Others Through the DDO Subculture

Citi Plays DDO

Gorgeous Sunset! Or Sunrise. Not sure which. Gorgeous Sunset! Or Sunrise. Not sure which.

Sorry about the lack of pics in this post, but I forgot to take screen caps again. XD Please forgive me, as I’m still new to this! Also: the game can be too darn addicting sometimes!

Last week I spent some time on the Cannith server. I was invited by someone to join his group on that server, and- not having any better options at the time- I did.

Chris and Greg were lots of fun. We had a lot in common and enjoy a lot of the same things. So, when the whole thing finally did happen, we had a blast. They’re great guys! If you’re on Cannith (or thinking of porting over), look us up! You can find us on Twitter at @Citiplaysddo and @rayceroyal. We’d be happy to have you join us!

We started off with level 4’s. As I…

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