Even Now

Last night I noticed that I was just 40 Turbine points shy of being able to afford another adventure pack, so I checked my favor-farming toons and discovered that Liai had just one “real” quest under her belt (the intro one doesn’t count). Two Korthos quests later, she passed five total favor and got the 50 points since she’s my first and so far only toon on Ghallanda, and I had 360 DDO points just clamoring to be spent.

I debated a bit – Reaver’s Reach would be great for Even, although I don’t have any other toons high enough to get any use out of it yet; and Necro II was tempting since I already have Necro I. But I’ve wanted to run Chronoscope for a really, really, REALLY long time, so it wasn’t really much of a decision to pass up Reaver’s and Necro II for the Devil…

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