Finding the Seal

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

We ran through the dark, damp underbelly of the city – light drew long shadows across smooth wet brick, encrusted with moss and slime. We’ve run for an hour. Fought hordes of Kobolds trying to seal the entrance to the hobgoblins because they were enslaving them. Acid bolds scorched my armor – magic missiles dissipated against my magic night shield. Their blood slick across the sharp edges of our weapons and deaths – blood staining our armor and skin.

We hacked ourselves through a city of hobgoblins underground lair. Freeing their apathetic slaves that kept on milling around, unaware that their masters had been destroyed at our hands. We felt the hard blow of the earth elementals as we crushed their living rock. We killed the hobgoblin leader surrounded by spell casters, slayers and wolfs. They danced as the sphere cast it’s reflective irresistible light. The sundered, smoldered and burnt…

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