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Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to take another Crypt Crawler through some content he hadn’t seen quite yet.  Although my guildie (Dynammo) never stopped paying for his subscription, he did stop playing for while.  He actually stopped playing prior to Menace of the Underdark being released and returned back to the game within the past year or so.  He has actually been exploring in a lot of the quests out in Eveningstar and has created and played around with most (if not all) of the iconic characters.  However, there was still some quests he still hadn’t quite seen yet (not counting Update 27 of course, which was just released after the weekend).  Some of these quests include those in the Web of Chaos chain.

Although Dynammo is pretty active, his playing time is sporadic and depends on gaps of time opening up for him around his personal…

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