Two-Toed Tobias and The Goonies

Confessions of a Geek Mom

the goonies

My gamer child has been loving 3BC.   She has gotten 8 out of 14 rares soloing with the help of the wiki maps.  It does a geekmom’s heart proud to look over and see my daughter slashing her way through Kobolds and Pirates.  I love getting tells from her while I am playing about what she has just accomplished.

Before she left for camp, she tried soloing Two-Toed Tobias.   I guess she made it pretty far into the quest before deciding to head off to bed.  So that Saturday afternoon,  Geekdad and I decided to run her through while we ate lunch.

Off we went.  An adventuring family!  Geekdad and I were prepared with many quotes from The Goonies because Two-Toed Tobias always brings out the 80’s kid in me.  Our poor gamer child had been neglected.   She had never seen the movie. ….

We ran through the quest with…

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