On Elemental Defenses

Full Moon Fury

What we have here is a collection of ramblings regarding how various elemental defenses work, and interact with each other.  Why?  Consider it a refresher, if you will, as to what protection works when and how, which will better enable you to prioritize which type of protection is more or less important at what part of your adventuring career.

8396-four-elements-1280x800-digital-art-wallpaper Image used without permission, but only because it’s awesome. Hopefully, I don’t get sued.

The Elemental Order of Operators

Much like with physical damage from an attack, incoming elemental damage (regardless of source) goes through a pre-defined series of checks behind the scenes before that damage number ever appears on your hit point bar – or not at all.  All incoming elemental damage is applied in the following order:

  •         Protection
  •         then Resistance
  •         and finally, Absorption

Having a full concept of how the various defenses are applied can…

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