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My main character Erdrique (Level 17 Rogue) is currently working his way through his heroic lives on his way to completionist.  So far, I have completed  paladin, fighter, ranger, cleric, barbarian, druid, and monk lives with my next plan to do a bard life.  One thing I have noticed over the last few lives is that I tend to reach level 20 well before I get out of the Gianthold area.  This generally means that I’m undergoing a heroic true reincarnation before I even get out into the Orchard, the Vale of Twilight, Harbinger of Madness, and many other quest packs.  The reason why this occurs is primarily the method I used to run quests.  Unlike many players who tend to look for the most efficient route to get through their past lives, I like to learn and adjust to my new class and to explore the…

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