A Look at Mired in Kobolds

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It has been a rather busy weekend for my main character, Erdrique (Level 17 Rogue).  One of the quests he knocked out this weekend is Mired in Kobolds.  Mired in Kobolds is an interesting quest in that it is perhaps the earliest quest where you get to battle a dragon (excluding Auraxylion from the Extraplanar Palace Challenges or Velah from the Vault of Night Raid).  The quest giver for Mired in Kobolds is Smiley Smythe, who is located in open air tavern in the Twelve.  Smiley tells you that his caravan was ambushed by a bad of nasty and powerful kobolds.  Needless to say, he is very upset about the incident and wishes to get revenge, therefore he asks for some help.  He also tells us that these kobolds are not your average kobold and are much more powerful than their sewer dwelling cousins.  To get to the…

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