Update 28

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

If we set the issue of ‘items’ aside for a minute I must say that I am impressed that Turbine put together 4 diverse quests in such a short period of time and with only one major issue (don’t use Divine Crusader destiny) in one quest.

True – these are not ‘elaborate’ quests. For most part they’re fairly ‘walk this way’ with one encounter after another. But there are some optionals (nothing major) and 4 different bosses with special powers.

These are all voice acted with interesting character but in the large scheme of things it’s not all that note worthy.

28 also continues a trend of giving everyone something. From some jumping stuff, to some puzzle stuff to a bunch of fights and some traps. That was true with the previous update. Given the time to both release 2 updated ranger trees and 4 quests of content it’s clear…

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Back to Basics

The Saga of Amastris

So I’m back into epic levels again! I am really excited to see what a Barb can do in epics. I’ve jumped up to about 150k shy of level 24 rather quickly. I don’t have my TF Falchion yet (it has a ruby of devotion 114 in it) or my iron mitts with the Globe of True Imperial Blood augment in it which are level 25. I also have a Windlasher at level 25 with a meteoric star ruby in it then TF medium armor and fully upgraded Necklace of Mystical Eidolons at 26. And 27 being a mix of Necro 4 gear. So far up to this point EH has been a breeze. I have done one EE, Impossible Demands, which was challenging to some minor extent. I have even completed an EH Devil’s Assault with 20 negative levels. no lie I had like 300 hp and just wouldn’t die at…

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There and back again…our new addition

Confessions of a Geek Mom

We lost our longtime furbaby, Buggy on Labor Day.  My husband was instantly, NO MORE PETS!

Now in his defense, we had bought a guinea pig for our younger daughter’s 5th birthday.  A male guinea pig she named Madison.  Well, Madison was not a he.  He was a SHE.  And SHE was carrying stowaways.  4 for the price of one.  Geee thanks.  Petco was willing to take the stowaways once they were weaned around 3 weeks.  At least that was the plan until our gamer child was inconsolable.  “But Mommy, they are FAMILY.  And you don’t give away FAMILY!!!!” Queue the tears and snot.  And Gamer child cried too.  Daddy was screwed.

Well, four turned into five when there was a cage break.  I received a panic-filled text message from my husband while at therapy for our younger daughter.  “THERE ARE THREE IN A CAGE!!!!!!!” Considering that there were two…

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Demographics of the Blogosphere and Their Affects Upon Readership

Citi Plays DDO

In an attempt to improve both your experience and my blog in one fell swoop, I have decided to ask for your aid!

I need your help! I need your help!

Your input on what topics you’d like to see in my blog, how often you’d like to see posts (current schedule is once a week either Monday or Tuesday post), and any other tips and tricks you’d like to share to make this blog a happier, more enjoyable experience!

I’m all ears- or, in this case, eyes-, and look forward to your input!

Thanks in advance!

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Finally!!! – Done with remnant farming :D

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

Yesterday i finally got my Mysterious Bracers upgraded to last tier – lvl 21

The weekend had remnant bonus going and I had a remnant bonus +30% pot going 😀

Found out: Gladewatch at lvl 6-8 on elite was a super quest to farm remnants with those bonusses active! A breeze actually 🙂

Farmed 1500 remnants in 1 hour!

So i turned in my lvl 14 bracers and 4000 remnants……

And here they are – the result of long time farming:

Mysterious Bracers

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Light Weekend of Questing, Quest Runs September 25 to September 27

Erdrique's Blog

Well, this past weekend was extremely light for me.  This was because I didn’t do any questing on Saturday.  Each month, usually the third Saturday of the month, is spent as a weekend date night with my wife where we just spend the night relaxing.  Most of the time she has to work during the day on Saturday so I usually get a run or two in before she gets home but this time she had the entire day off so we went off on a mini-trip which resulted in no playtime on Saturday.  But, I did do some more dual boxing between my accounts and in fact that is the way I started the weekend out.  I was scheduled to take Berann (Level 8 Barbarian) out into Tangleroot Gorge.  Since Berann was heading out there, I decided to log on with Containment (Level 7 Cleric) and to join…

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Thinking about the Prey of the Crimson Foot Hive

Erdrique's Blog

This past week, I took Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) into the Vale of Twilight a few times to run the quest Let Sleeping Dust Lie on elite.  Let Sleeping Dust Lie is a level 16 quest on normal and it centers around liberating the Crimson Foot Hive from the rhakshasa and their ogre partners.  The Crimson Foot Hive are actually a hive of large and powerful spiders.  Their queen has been captured and as a result the hive is under control of the rakshasha.  The quest fails if you kill more than five of these spiders after you reach a certain point in the quest.  However, these aspects of the quest isn’t what caught my eye this past week.  Instead I wondered about some of the other creatures that are also hiding in this quest.

 photo Erd taking on the rats of Crimson Foot Five_zpsatl82iwb.jpg

Erdrique battling these twilight rats and wondering…

In particular, I wondered about…

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Movin’ on up

Even Now

Ain’t real life great? My DDO time has been a bit limited lately due to getting busy in pesky RL and to the weather – yes, really, the weather. First it was several days of severe thunderstorms that chased me offline; once the wind starts blowing, my Internet connection is about as reliable as a hireling. And then it was several days of pure, relentless HEAT. We’re talking 90+ degrees. This room has a west-facing window so it really heats up as the afternoon wears on… and oh yeah, it has NO AIR CONDITIONING. Aside from being worried about the computer overheating, I’m worried about ME overheating.

When I’ve been online the past week, I’ve been mostly playing Jall trying to get her levelled up. I’d only had her out to Searing Heights a few times, and never for long; now she’s completed the whole S/R/E chain with a lot…

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Enemy Profile-The Elusive Commander Errulf

Erdrique's Blog

It has been a little while since a did an enemy profile and it also took me a while to finally track down Commander Errulf with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) in the Sands of Menechtarun to finish my rare encounters in that fun adventure area.  When I finally came across him I thought it might be a good idea to write up a profile on him.  Commander Errulf is an extremely vicious gnoll who makes his home along the base of the Burning Mountains in the Sands of Menechtarun.

 photo Finally finding the Commander_zps1fxvvohr.jpg

Hamllin finally coming across Commander Errulf in his hunting of rare encounters in the Sands of Menechtarun.

Commander Errulf belong to the Firebrand Gnolls who occupy a extremely large portion of the Burning Mountain and who guard the entrance to Queen Lailat’s Court.  He is most likely the highest ranking officer of the Firebrand Gnolls who are found outside of the…

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‘Cause it really is just a game

Even Now

Imma gonna try to keep this short since it’s 4 am here, just had a really great couple of days on DDO. Met some cool people on Sarlona and got Ironica into a small guild with only about a dozen or so members, but they’re all active and all (as of last night, anyway) level 6 or under – GREAT guild for new toons. Ran a few quests with one of her new guildmates and got her well into level 3 and past the 100-favor mark (a bit more on that later).

Also joined up with someone else the night before that and did some questing along with some AWESOME conversation. He/she (not sure which; wasn’t using voice) is in an even tinier guild than the one Ironica ended up joining – just three people, all friends. If that person had been on the next night I probably would have…

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