The Saga of Amastris


Hello everyone! Back again to talk more DDO.

I wanted to talk about questing because lets be real here that’s what DDO is all about right? Right now I’m in that grinding phase, dreaded level 11 and 12. well dreaded to me. At this point I am usually repeating the 3 level 14 Lordsmarch quests, devil assault, jungles of Kyber and Haywire’s foundry (VoN 3 & 4) and sometimes Ataraxia’s quests. I’m not to keen on the Reclamation quest there in Ataraxia. The purple Duergar fart clouds are not amusing.

So being on my 7th life and all I really get bored running the same things over and over again so this life I have decided to go outside my comfort zones and solo some quests I wouldn’t normally.

Rolling back a little to level 9 I decided to run Spies in the house in House D. I had…

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One Response to Questing

  1. erdrique says:

    The Wiz-King is a fun quest, you’ll definitely enjoy it!!


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