Taking Advantage of the Stone of Change

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In DDO, we have a plethora of crafting mechanisms currently employed in the game.  However, at one point, we only had two mechanisms, those being Green Steel and the Stone of Change.  Out of the two systems, the Stone of Change was far easier to complete as it didn’t require running through the Shroud and only required some collectibles in order to do some crafting.  One of the aspects that is really nice about the Stone of Change crafting is that it adds attributes to an item that you have already obtained.  So you don’t have to obtain a “blank” or strip an item of all its enhancements prior to using it.  You just simply apply a new property to your item.  It had been a little while since I worked with the Stone of Change (besides combining dragonshard fragments) and I decided to add an alchemical eldritch rituals…

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